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Posted by Sherri Jennings on

The Cubefield Game lets players inflict various types of damage to a hanging rag doll. The rag doll is suspended by ropes and hangs on the screen. A variety of tools can be used to cause damage to different areas of the rag doll. As the rag doll is inflicted, the doll will realistically swing on the ropes as damage is also shown.

What to Expect in The Torture Game

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Users may click on the specific tool they would like to use in conjunction with the rag doll. The tools that are present include a hand, rope, gun, razor blade, spikes, chainsaw and a paintbrush. The tools all have their own unique settings also. For example, the hand tool can be used to pull the body in extreme directions until limbs break apart.

The next tool is the rope. The rope can also be used to stretch the rag doll’s body until the limbs rip apart. The rope is attached to two different points on the rag doll and then the rope is tightened on those points until the rag doll breaks apart. The rope can be attached to the first point by clicking on the first point and the second rope piece may also be attached by clicking on the point the player would like it to attach to. Next, the Duck Life 4 player may roll the wheel mouse or press the up and down directional keys to stretch the rope ends until the rag doll limbs tear apart or are pulled together in awkward fashions.

The gun tool is a simple tool with a gun aim receptacle. Once the player chooses the gun, they may aim wherever they would like on the rag doll and then click their mouse button to shoot it. The gun will inflict various size wounds with animations depending on where the rag doll is shot. The next tool up is the razor blade. The razor blade may be used to scrape skin off of the rag doll down to the muscle and bone layers. The player may click on the razor tool and move their mouse along the rag doll with the tool to scrape layers of skin away.

Next up is the chainsaw; the chainsaw tool is a simple tool to use. The chainsaw needs to be placed on the area of the rag doll to be cut and then the mouse may be clicked to begin sawing. Once the chainsaw begins sawing, it will saw through that point on The Impossible Quiz rag doll automatically.

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The spike tool is a unique stabbing tool that may be positioned before it’s launched. The spike tool is a spike nail that the player may control the angle of while slightly off-screen. When the right angle has been achieved, the spike at may be let go of so that it impales the rag doll. The last tool at the player’s disposal is a paint brush. The paint brush can be used to paint over the rag doll’s body by moving the mouse where the person would like to paint.

Things the Player Vex 3 Didn’t Know

The Run 3 Unblocked Game features a health level for the rag doll that is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the game screen. The health meter is red in color and will decrease with each successful hit to the rag doll. Once this level has depleted, the rag doll is completely dead. Clicking on the “Reset” button in the bottom middle portion of the game screen will reset the rag doll back to normal conditions.

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